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Highly integrated and intellectual control system

The highly integrated 32-digit double-CPU, inter-monitor of master / slave CPU enhance the data processing speed to the greater extent with the more perfect functions and the higher reliability. The high precsion car shift detection technology can fulfill almost zero-to-zero leveling accuracy. The passengers find their elevator legs in entering into and exiting from the cars. It has the embedded specialist self-diagnosis system to the trouble cause, storage and display functions of the defect reason, it is easy and simple in expanding the functions too.
Long-distance monitoring function

Through wired or wireless communication module, it executes real-time monitoring to the elevator running condition and the passengers’ conditions in the elevator through long-distance monitoring center. It helps to remove the trouble before it actually happens. It thus ensures the passengers’ safety.

Digtized convert technology

The advanced vector conversion technology can execute a real-time speed regulation according to the comfort demands of the human body.
The high speed digitalized signal processing system results in the more sensitive and precise speed control to the traction machine. It lowers down the lift vibration to the minimum extent. The latest low-noise control technology largely reduces the elevator noise. It brings about the quiet and smooth lift operation.
It makes an accurate real-time control to the rotation torque of the mainframe through adjusting the current and phase according to the actual load of the cars, up / down speed as well. In this way, it guarantees the smooth running condition of the elevators.

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